A preDevCamp update

59 BY devrel


I’ve had private conversations with a number of predevcamp organizers since Gio’s post yesterday. Gio and I had a very positive conversation this morning. I’ll say the same thing here that I told him and the other organizers:

  • Palm supports preDevCamp 100%
  • We overreacted to the whole disclosure issue.  We’ve been in stealth and super secret mode for so long now, we needed a real world conversation to see how we needed to work things so everybody can operate in their own environment.
  • As messy as it feels right now, the passion of the community is incredibly positive

I’m optimistic that we can find a good solution. And we’re going to keep talking. We’d love to get your two cents, concerns, and suggestions — feel free to join the conversation here, and be assured that even when we sometimes have to keep quiet, we’re always listening to your ideas.


Pam Deziel
Vice President, Developer Marketing
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