Palm Pre wins the Laptop Magazine March Madness playdown

3 BY devrel

Laptop Magazine did a “March Madness” users vote playdown of various phones. The Palm webOS community organized itself and got involved, and I’m thrilled to report the Palm Pre ended up winning the entire tournament!

I want to thank everyone among the community who got involved and voted and encouraged others to do so as well. it’s a little bit bragging rights, but it’s really a nice reminder that the community we’re involved with on this platform is as committed and interested in seeing this platform succeed as we are — so thanks!


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  1. Grady Huebotter says:

    it was wonderful & I’m glad to see so many people responded. I felt kind of silly a few times… Especially when it was so close withe the BB… I have no doubt webos & palm is gonna be fine… Can’t wait to see the next device!!! I have no doubt the hardware will be at the top in form & function…. As I’m sure your feature list will exceed everything on the market… If you all allow us to everything every everyone else can do & give more us up to date design and size, plus keep the physical keyboard and the best in processing speed and power coupled with the ease of use and functionality of webos…. Palm won’t be able to be touched… I’ve been using palm products since ’04 & I’ve still nvr found anything more functional. It amazes me that so many people that are new to smart phones think so much of this stuff is new…. Palm has been doing it for years. In my opinion the whole “smartphone” concept stemmed from palm devices… Keep it up palm!!!!