Palm Developer Day Keynote: Betting on the Web, and looking at webOS futures

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Ben and I had the real pleasure of hosting a Palm Developer Day event at our Sunnyvale headquarters. On Friday, we hosted a tutorial “get up to speed on webOS” day, and on Saturday we had two tracks of jam packed content from Palm engineers, amazing third party developers from the community, and members of our Developer Relations team.

It was incredibly energizing to meet with developers, some new to our platform, some dating back to the old PalmOS days. It was very clear that people love webOS and were excited to share with each other. We had sessions that tried to cover many aspects of being a mobile developer. We had deep dives on webOS technology from core architects of engineering, hands on tips from our awesome UX team on delivering amazing experiences on mobile, and business level talk sharing how to use all of the levers available to monetize or maximize downloads for your applications.

The welcome keynote, on Saturday morning, started out talking about the history of platforms, and how amazingly fortunate we are to have the Web. For most of the history of computing, the relationship between developers and proprietary platforms has been an interesting dance. At times we are aligned, and at times we aren’t. The Web brought in an openness that abstracted out the relationship.

The Web has gone beyond the days of the document, and the platform is growing in power. We discuss the key areas of the platform that are accelerating as we see HTML5 grow up.

Then, we got to share some of the exciting features that we are adding to webOS for developers by the end of Fall:

  • Accelerated CSS transforms and animations
  • JavaScript Services: You have always been able to publish messages to the Palm service bus (e.g. launch an application) but how about being able to subscribe and run code on the flip side? You will be able to do just that with JavaScript Services. You will get access to a slew of libraries in that world (your own process too!):
    • Background asynchronous services
    • File I/O
    • Binary JavaScript types
    • Low-level network I/O
    • “Medium-level” HTTP via CURL
    • Fast XML streaming parser
  • db8: what if you had access to a fantastic performant native JSON store? That is where db8 comes in, our new open source JSON datastore that includes:
    • Native JSON storage with query mechanism
    • Built-in primitives for easy cloud syncing (Easily query changed / deleted data, Designed to sync with CouchDB in the cloud)
    • Fine-grained access control for apps
    • Mobile-optimized and fast (especially for updates)
    • Pluggable back-end
  • Audio / Video Recording
  • Media Indexer Access
  • Secure Key Manager + Crypto Libs
  • Bluetooth SPP
  • Bonjour / Zeroconf

We go into details of this and more on a podcast here:

And, we have the presentation recorded for you:

And the slides are also available:

We recorded all of the sessions for you to watch, along with the slides. Enjoy, and we hope to see you at the next developer day!