App submission fee eliminated!

3 BY Fred Patton

These are exciting times for Palm and our developer community. The Hot Apps promotion that we kicked off back in February is about to end with over 400 developers receiving a share of a million dollars. We recently launched the Summer Half Off promotion—a 50% discount for nearly every app in our U.S. catalog, funded by Palm. And we’re just getting started.

In July, we’re launching the new PDK Hot Apps promotion-another million dollars to developers, this time focused on the C/C++ apps that were excluded from the original Hot Apps promotion.

And we have one more program change that will benefit all developers. When we launched the developer program, we introduced a $50 per app fee to submit apps to our catalog. Effective immediately, we’re waiving this fee and refunding to all developers any $50 fees collected in the past. If you’re one such developer, you will see a credit in your PayPal account in the near future.

Thank you for being part of the webOS community. We’re excited to continue to evolve the Developer Program as together we build an incredible application catalog for customers.

Comments (3)

  1. Gabe says:

    I still continue to believe the $50 fee was a good idea, “quality not quantity” was another Palm’s good idea.

    I actually think the fee elimination is a BAD news for those developers who take time to create good quality apps. This just opens a door for all kinds of substandard quality apps that otherwise wouldn’t make it to the catalog.

    So, just to reiterate, I personally am very dissapointed with this news that Palm decided to step down from the original rule they created which was quite unique in the marketplace.

    I believe this step simply devalues the good work done by quality developers.

  2. bbcy says:

    @Gabe: come on, the app catalogue is already filled with pure crap – soundboards and link-apps, the quality can’t be lower than it currently is.

    Imho the only way to raise the quality would be a more sophisticated search functionality together with a better\more detailed rating system and a trial\shareware option, so you could a) try and rate apps for free and b) filter low-quality applications.
    And of course to have all apps available everywhere, so everyone can try and rate it.
    Unfortunately for Palm there’s USA and who-cares-land a.k.a. rest-of-the-world…

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