Good News: Half Price Sale extended!

11 BY devrel

We have been thrilled by the response to our Summer Half Off sale in the App Catalog, and hope you have been too. We’ve seen significant increases in downloads of both paid and free apps, and many first-time purchasers are sampling what you’ve created for webOS.

We’re so happy with the response that we’ve decided to extend the sale for an additional two weeks. Not only will this give customers more time to explore the catalog and get great deals on your apps, it will give you more time to generate sales and revenue.

If you currently have marketing in place to take advantage of this sale, get ready to extend it to July 23rd. If you don’t have an app in the catalog yet, it’s time to submit one and take advantage of this great promotion!

Comments (11)

  1. Nergal says:

    That’s awesome news for both palm and more-so-over the independent developers who spend time and energy as well as thought (spam apps and fart apps aside ;) ) on the software that makes WebOS even better than it is.

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  3. Pedro Rubim says:

    Unfortunately for those who purchased the Pre outside their country and live in a country where it is not sold, it is impossible to buy applications in the catalog. Something that should be addressed by Palm…


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  5. Jessica says:

    I used to love any Palm product I touched until recently. One bad experience was definitely enough to change my entire view of Palm. I used to own several Palm Treo’s and had a good experience. So, naturally when Palm Pre came out I instantly bought it against many of the reviews now I wished I had listened to. My original Palm Pre broke so of course I purchased another. Now, I have no contacts, no data, and none of the applications that I PURCHASED from the app catalog. I have nothing from my other phone. When I call the Palm support number to get my information I still couldn’t any of my data. The reason being because the Sprint representative that entered my email address entered it wrong on my palm profile, my password couldn’t be reset, and I couldn’t get a temporary password. The thing is the reason I couldn’t get a temporary password was because I used my credit card account information to purchase an application for my phone!!! Wow…so because I purchased something from Palm I now have no access to ANYTHING from my previous phone. In addition, to this mess I will not be reimbursed for what I purchased from Palm that I no longer have any access to. Thank you Palm, Inc for your ourstanding service! I will never again knowingly purchase any palm device and will encourage everyone I know to stay away as well. Thank you.

  6. Richard Peterson says:

    Gee, Jessica was pretty peeved. The Palm Pre is really a nice device, except the battery seems week, or I just don’t know how to use it. Don’t abandon Palm for what, Apple? Android? Palm is struggling, just keep pressing your cause.

    Say H.P., a satisfied customer who is quite opinionated can go a long way. Give the lady a new palm and a free subscription.