This Week in Hot Apps

1 BY devrel

With the 50% off sale starting last Friday, app sales have seen quite a boost and that’s had an effect on Hot Apps. The 1K bracket is seeing a lot of turnover. Even the 10K bracket is seeing some movement, including World Cup 2010 moving up 4 spots to #17.

There’s only six days left in the competition. I had planned to say that it’s too late to get into the 1K bracket with a brand new app, but this week an app came along to prove me wrong. FlightTrack went from nothing to entering the 1K bracket in about four days! It’s now at 194#. How did it do it? By offering an experience that no other flight tracking app has matched: beautiful interactive maps with real time updates. It just goes to show that a good app can do very well.

In Fast Movers the four vuvuzela apps (1,2,3,4) have done well, proving that the world doesn’t have enough noise making ability. And if vuvuzela’s aren’t enough for you there’s always Fast Mover A1 Horn Blaster 2010.
Another app zooming up the charts is Solitaire Collection, which has six classic solitaire variations including my personal favorite: free cell.

That’s it for This Week in Hot Apps. I’ll see you soon as our competition comes to an exciting finish.

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  1. Alex says:

    Alas! I was so close to $10,000! I should have updated my app more!

    Oh well, pdk competition here we come!