Moving On

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When we joined Palm, it was clear to us then that mobile represented the future of computing and that Palm’s unique vision of using the web as the foundation of their mobile platform was compelling.

Fast-forward to today. Palm has joined forces with HP–the world’s largest technology company–to make this vision a reality. We’ve spent lots of time with the HP team over the past few months and learned first-hand that their commitment to webOS, their drive, and their determination to succeed in the marketplace is formidable.

We’re proud to have led and been part of the Developer Relations team at Palm and now at HP. They represent some of the most enthusiastic and talented technologists in the industry, but that’s only fitting given they work with one of the most vibrant and passionate developer communities on the planet: you, the webOS developer community.

And so it’s with mixed emotions that we share that we have decided to leave employment at HP. It’s been a singular experience being part of the Palm webOS story up to now and we’re confident that the new resources HP brings will take the developer program to the next level.

We are happy to share that we will continue to work with HP as consultants and we look forward to being an active part of the webOS developer community. Thank you for the support and feedback that you’ve given us during this time that we’ve been at Palm and we look forward to continuing to interact with you in our new roles.

Ben and Dion

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  1. Lou says:

    That blows. I don’t know the reasons you two are leaving but I hope they are good reasons.

    Wow, that is all I can say…

  2. Duane Cato says:

    With the departure of Ben and Dion, in combination with the very sudden cessation of support/partnership with MotionApps on the PalmOS Classic product, should small developers (like me) be concerned about the ability and willingness of HP to work with us on progressing the usage of the WebOS ecosphere? I have to say, I’ve gone from serious interest and product planning, to experiencing quite a bit of trepidation about putting more effort into WebOS, largely because I don’t get the sense that the conviction of HP about the product is as great as that of it’s third-party developer partners. I hope I’m wrong, maybe I’ll find out in New York.