Message from Richard Kerris, Our New VP of Developer Relations

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To our valued community of webOS developers:

Throughout my career at companies like Silicon Graphics and Apple, I’ve had the pleasure of working with incredible developer communities. Most recently, during my past three years at Lucasfilm, I worked with some of the most advanced technologists in the world developing groundbreaking special effects for films and games, all of whom had an intensity that produced award winning results. Now, in my short time here at HP, I have already come across some of the most passionate developers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Add to that our fully committed Developer Relations team, and I just know this is going to be an amazing ride; I’m very happy to be here.

Working with great developers gives us a chance to work with people who can provide new and innovative customer experiences via leading-edge technology. I’m thrilled at the opportunity we have here with webOS—a platform that offers a truly connected experience, real multi-tasking and so much more.

What I’m most excited about, though, is working with this great team here at HP to continue to build on our world-class Developer Relations program, which we feel will provide our developers with everything they need to succeed. That starts with doing a lot of listening and making sure we deliver on our promises to you. We’re also going to build on the momentum from our most recent exciting launch of the Veer, Pre3, and TouchPad, by getting out there and meeting with as many of you as possible.

It’s a pivotal time for us here at HP and we realize our success greatly depends on yours. On behalf of myself and the entire Developer Relations team, you’re our customer, and we’re here to serve you.

I’m here because I’m incredibly excited about the future of webOS – I hope you are too.

All the best,


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  1. Ben Fysh says:

    Hi Richard and welcome along. Its good to hear both here and over at Precentral your positive and bullish attitude about webOS development.

    I hope that the ‘getting out there and meeting as many of you as possible’ extends to this side of the pond.

    I and a number of others would love to see a UK developer event.

    Cheers Ben

  2. Justin Garrison says:

    I am really excited to see that even though Palm was bought by such a massive company they are still reaching out to individual developers and making an effort to let every developer know that they are important.
    That is something I feel that Apple and Microsoft ignore by mainly focusing on companies and Google ignores by their hands-off approach.
    Welcome to the team Richard and I’m sure we all look forward to what you and your team are doing to spread the word about webOS and support developers.

  3. Ben says:

    Hi Richard and welcome along, good to hear your positive and bullish thoughts both here and over at Precentral.

    I for one hope that the ‘getting out there and meeting as many of you possible’ extends to this side of the pond and a developer event over in the UK.

    Cheers Ben

  4. Stefan Mücke says:

    I very much hope that the TouchPad ecosystem will be more open than that of the iPad. Having to jailbreak devices to install custom (non-public, niche) applications is a no-go for me.

    There are so many use cases where a tablet would make sense in business environments. Please be business-friendly and provide a way to install private applications other than from a centralized app store.

    Best wishes for you new job!

  5. Tom Coleman says:

    I wish I had as much optimism as you. Unfortunately, I am an early WebOS adopter as I was a PalmOS adopter. I had better luck upgrading my PalmOS devices than I currently have with my original Palm Pre.

    I wish you the best with WebOS 2.0 and after. As my Pre is destined for mediocrity with 1.4.5 I am getting an iPhone next month, which apparently I should have done in June 2009.

    I was very happy with my Pre but visions of future apps stating “Requires WebOS 2.0 and later” have me shuddering.

    Sorry to leave you, but apparently you left us.

    Tom Coleman

  6. Ben Fysh says:

    Hi Richard and welcome along. It is good to hear your confident and bullish comments bot here and over at Precentral.

    I hope that “getting out there and meeting with as many of you as possible.” includes developer days on this side of the pond (preferably in the UK).

    I know a lot of non US developers have been disappointed with the understandably (based on resource constraints) US centric focus to date.

    Good luck with this new endeavour!


  7. Christian says:

    We will support you as Platform Number four beside IOS, Android and Windows phone !

    You should update your current job at linkedin, you are still at Lucas :-)

    Best, C

  8. I read that HP wants developer input on WebOS 2.x and 3.x features. As a physician, I need to be able to keep certain patient lists that I can keep with me, but they need to be encrypted to meet confidentiality and security requirements.

    I can envision a HP Pre3 that I update the lists on during the day while seeing patients, and then at the end of the day, Touch it to my WebOS enabled HP laptop to sync the lists. All encrypted, not using the internet at all. All without having to think/type passwords each time, log in to Windows or whatever.

    Then, sitting on the laptop at night, use the SAME app as on my phone to review cases, plan vacation (I plan trips between when my pregnant moms are due) and when done, Touch the phone to the laptop to sync again.

    There is huge potential for this kind of application in the medical community. If HP can deliver true encrypted security and a Medical zone in the App Catalog to find the apps (without hunting through consumer apps, etc, in a Health section) then once again, Palms could be the pre-eminent medical devices, as in the 90′s when 2/3 of doctors had a Palm in their pocket.

    In preparation for all this, I am learning how to do Ares and Javascript (and a lot more web coding than I did in med school for a research web page). I plan to bring OB Tracker to market as soon as possible (a colloboration with SiratoXero) and want to be able to upgrade it to Enyo and encryption ASAP, and then spawn similar titles, in the vein of the old PalmOS medical apps that used to be golden.

    It will be up to HP to deliver the “enterprise-level” security with encrypted sync’ing database potential that does not necessarily rely on cloud-based services, in order to make this happen. I sure hope it does!

    Thank-you for your consideration,

    David Jarvis, MD
    Baraboo, WI

  9. A “PS”

    Along with sync’ing encryption, Citrix is huge for physician users. At least with Epic, and perhaps with other Electronic Medical Record systems, Citrix is how you access it from outside the office or hospital. The announcement that this would be available on WebOS is therefore enormous.

    Make it so, HP!