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This new series gives members of the HP team a chance to talk about the apps they love – not just the popular ones you hear about all the time, but awesome apps that showcase the creativity of webOS developers and the power of the webOS platform.

Hey everyone! For those of you that didn’t catch my intro a few weeks back, I’m the Communications Manager for the webOS Developer Relations team. I’ve been a longtime fan and user of webOS. Having owned and used iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, you could say I’ve tried just about all of them, and webOS is my preferred OS by far. Besides the elegance of the overall user experience, the webOS apps I use allow me to have just as much fun and be just as productive – if not more so – compared to apps I’ve used on other platforms. So, I’d like to give a shout-out to all the webOS developers out there. Keep it up!

With that said, here are a few of my favorite apps:

Sports Live! (More Solutions)

I’m a die-hard college football fan, love watching the NFL and totally psyched about March Madness. While I always (try to) make time to watch my beloved Northwestern Wildcats, I can’t always keep up with every game I want to see. But Sports Live! helps me check out the scoreboards and get real-time alerts on my favorite teams. It’s got a beautiful UI, has a ton of useful options for the frequency and types of alerts I want and makes killer use of webOS notifications, so I can check out what’s going on at a glance. The developer, More Solutions, also makes apps for individual sports. But if you’re a big sports fan like I am, just try this app. You won’t be sorry.

NewsRoom (Trileet)

This app satisfies the news junkie in me. As you’d expect, you can subscribe to various news feeds, including popular ones like CNN, New York Times, Wired, Mashable and so many others. But what I love about NewsRoom is that it has a really intuitive interface that mimics the look and feel of navigating through stories like you’re navigating through cards in webOS. It feels so natural. And instead of just giving you lists of headlines, you can flick through and read previews of any story, so you can decide when to dive in and read further.

drPodder (Jamie Hatfield)

Podcasts. I can’t imagine a world without ‘em. And drPodder is my favorite app for listening and subscribing to podcasts. In addition to some good search capabilities, I can stream or save podcasts, listen to episodes individually by podcast or listen to all the ones I’ve downloaded as a big playlist to mix it up.

TuneIn Radio (RadioTime)

This app really came in handy on a road trip my wife and I took to L.A. over New Year’s. We love NPR, and on the long, scenic drive, we used TuneIn to search for and stream different NPR stations around the country. TuneIn’s descriptions also helped us select stations by what show they were playing at the time. Of course, I also use TuneIn to find different jazz, hip hop and other kinds of stations around the country, all of which I can select as a favorite preset. Since I can stream with Bluetooth, it’s one way I can do without satellite radio in my car!

Jump O’Clock (Glu Mobile)

I love games that are simple to pick up, easy to play on-the-go and instantly addictive.  Jump O’Clock doesn’t get any simpler. You just tap the screen to make this cool robot-looking character jump off walls and from one spinning gear to another, to make him soar as high as possible. You also collect these bolts along the way to perform Super Jumps. Incredibly simple and fun to play. The graphics are really nice too – they make you appreciate the beauty of well-designed 2D games.

Keep up with the blog to hear about the apps other members of the webOS team love. What webOS apps do you like using, or just really admire? Tell us in the comments. Sure, you can even plug your own :)

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  2. Thomas St. says:

    Good idea to showcase some apps here, especially with a personal twist. But may I suggest to add links to the corresponding AppCatalog preview URLs? How you did it I have to copy the app name into Google and go from there – not so cool!

  3. James Jones says:

    GO U NORTHWESTERN!! Just getting started on WebOS development and I am super excited. Great post.