Think big: TouchPad app submissions and in-app purchases

4 BY devrel

When we introduced the HP TouchPad earlier this year, we wanted everyone to “think big.” Today, we’ve got some big updates to share.

Start submitting your TouchPad apps today
Ever since we released the webOS 3.0 SDK in our Early Access program, we’ve had a tremendous response from developers who have eagerly started creating apps for the first webOS tablet. Starting now, we’re opening the doors, so to speak, allowing developers to submit their TouchPad apps to the HP webOS App Catalog.

When you log in to your account, the My Apps tab now allows you to specify that your app is compatible with the TouchPad and select webOS 3.0 as the minimum OS required. Check out our help article for more details, as well as our recommendations for naming your app.

In-app purchase debuts
We’re also incredibly excited to announce that in-app purchases are coming to webOS 3.0, and developers can get started with it today. This is a big addition to the webOS platform, giving developers the ability to:

- Provide customers with in-app access to premium features and compelling content
- Leverage new opportunities to monetize their apps
- Receive payments for user-purchased content easily and securely

We’re rolling out in-app purchase in a few stages. Today, if you have a registered Developer Account, you can log in and start creating items. The next Early Access release of the SDK will include documentation on adding in-app purchase code to your apps. Then, in a couple of weeks, we plan on allowing developers to formally submit in-app items for review.  You can reference our help article for additional details.

We can’t wait – along with customers – to see what developers can do with in-app purchases.

Note about current Mojo-based and PDK apps on TouchPad
Besides all the great apps specifically made for TouchPad, we’re making it easy for TouchPad users to enjoy thousands of existing webOS apps. First, we’ll automatically promote all Mojo apps to be available to TouchPad users in the App Catalog. These apps will run in “Mojo compatibility mode,” a window sized for the app’s original resolution, which provides a software keyboard and onscreen gesture area. We recommend testing your Mojo apps to make sure they work well in compatibility mode.

Similarly, many current PDK apps have been tested and will be promoted to be available to TouchPad users in the App Catalog. These apps run in a “PDK portability mode,” which emulates their native environment and scales their graphics to run full-screen on the TouchPad. However, PDK portability mode does not include a gesture area or on-screen keyboard. Thus, PDK apps that require these features or didn’t perform as expected when tested in this mode have not been promoted to be available to TouchPad users in the App Catalog. If your app falls under this category, the Application Review Team will contact you with more information.

Whether you have a current Mojo or PDK-based app, you have the option to log in to your account and manually deselect TouchPad compatibility from the My Apps tab anytime.

While we’re making it as easy as we can for customers to access great Mojo and PDK apps on the TouchPad, we want developers to get started on webOS 3.0 and create great apps for the TouchPad from the ground up.

Show us your app for the chance to get an HP TouchPad
If you’ve been developing a great TouchPad app, show us for the chance to get an HP TouchPad when it’s available this summer. We want to help support and reward developers who are committed to delivering great apps – especially those who are getting their app ready for TouchPad’s summer launch. Just email us at with the subject line “HP TouchPad developer promo” and one of our app specialists will work with you to see how you can qualify for this program.