Weekly App Hack Winner – Accelerometer Apps

1 BY Fred Patton

Once again, a big thanks to everybody who submitted apps for the Weekly App Hack. This week’s theme was “Accelerometer”, and we received some very interesting entries. It’s amazing how many different ways you can use such a seemingly simple feature.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that this week’s winner of the contest and an HP TouchPad is…

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App Hack : Popup Apps – 26 Oct-1 Nov

1 BY devrel

Editor’s note: This week we are featuring a guest challenge from rockstar webOS developer Doug Reeder. He has pioneered an app interface that he calls Desk Accessories. Your challenge this week is to create an app that uses this kind of interface. Take it away, Doug!

webOS “Desk Accessories” Using Dashboards and System Popups


Psychological research shows that humans cannot efficiently concentrate on more than one activity at a time. However, there are single activities that require two apps on the screen at once. For example, one might want to compose an e-mail while reading figures from a spreadsheet, or calculate price comparisons while shopping on-line.

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New tutorial: Using 3rd-party Javascript Libraries in Enyo Apps

0 BY Fred Patton

One benefit of developing for a JavaScript framework like Enyo is being able to take advantage of existing 3rd party JavaScript libraries. Using these add-on libraries allows us to quickly implement tools, controls, and animations to our applications with minimal effort.

If you’ve been wondering how to start using other libraries with Enyo, webOS Developer Relations Engineer Jeremy Thomas has a new tutorial on the Developer Portal just for you. Check it out here.

App Hack : Accelerometer – 19-25 Oct

1 BY devrel

This week’s App Hack will take a look at an API common across all webOS devices: the accelerometer. Generally, it is used to flip the screen around when the user rotates their device, but it can be used for so much more than that.


The accelerometer can be accessed by listening for two different events: orientation and acceleration. Orientation does the hard work of determining when the user has flipped their device to one of the standard orientations. It also gives you the pitch and roll relative to the current orientation. You can also set the orientation using the setWindowOrientation function. This takes a named orientation of ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘landscape’, ‘portrait’, and ‘free’. The directions like ‘up’ disable rotation and fix the device to one orientation. The ‘landscape’ mode will let the screen flip 180 degrees but always be in wide screen. The portrait mode is similar. And finally ‘free’ will let the user rotate however they choose.

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New tutorial – Buttons and Interactive Dialogs

0 BY Fred Patton

Do you have questions about best practices for using buttons in your app? Maybe you’d like advice on the best way to use buttons in a dialog box. Well, our own Tomomi Imura, webOS Developer Relations’ in-house UI wizard is here to help with her new tutorial, “Creating Usable UI—Buttons and Interactive Dialogs”, available now on the webOS Developer Portal. She’ll walk you through button setup, the proper use of color and text, and how best to use buttons in intuitive, consistent user dialogs.

Consistent user interaction is one of the keys to happy users. So, check out Tomomi’s tutorial and get coding!

Weekly App Hack – 12-18 October

7 BY devrel


The apps are in and judging has begun. We will have the winners of the Text to Speech challenge up in a few days. Thanks to everybody who submitted apps!

This week’s challenge is to do something with Exhibition Mode, one of the most under-appreciated features of webOS.

Exhibition mode is a way to turn your TouchPad into an ambient display. When the user puts their TouchPad onto the TouchStone dock, the device will go into a special mode where a single app is shown and the screen will never turn off.  Exhibition mode apps are used for things the user wants to see in the background rather than something they will focus their attention on.

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Weekly App Hack – UPDATE!

2 BY Fred Patton

We hope you’re having fun with Text-to-speech for this week’s App Hack. We did make a mistake with the library we sent out, and forgot to strip the binaries, which makes it…ahem…difficult to submit your app. We were very pleased to see that one developer not only figured out the problem, but posted the stripped binaries on his blog, along with a couple of handy updates (including making the library useable by multiple apps). So, we’re pointing everybody to http://fahhem.com/blog/2011/10/weboss-weekly-app-hack-10-05-11/ to get the updated binaries. They’re at the bottom of the post, and include versions for the emulator as well as for devices.

Thanks Fahhem! And thanks to those of you have already submitted apps. Great work! If you need to re-submit using Fahhem’s updates, no problem.


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Exploring the Enyo Map Control

0 BY Fred Patton

Have you been wanting to add maps, complete with pushpins and infoboxes to your Enyo-based app? We’ve added a tutorial from our own Markus Leutwyler (@twtomcat for those following him on Twitter) that shows you all the details.

You’ll find the article on the HP webOS Developer Center here.


Weekly App Hack – October 5-11

10 BY devrel

As explained in yesterday’s post, we are starting a weekly App Hack Challenge. Each week we will post a code sample or explain how to use a particular API.  You will have just seven days to use that code or API to build a cool app.  The app doesn’t have to be huge or complex, just something fun and interesting.  We will be accepting both new apps as well as incorporation of the theme into your existing apps as an improvement.

You have to submit it to the app catalog by October 11th at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time to enter. (Submitting to the Beta catalog is fine.) You must then notify us of your entry by email us a link to the app at apphack@palm.com.

The developer of the best app will earn a glory and adulation and the right to call themselves an App Hack Ninja. And to kick off the series, this week’s winner will receive a 32GB TouchPad!

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Presenting the webOS Weekly App Hack!

11 BY Fred Patton

Looking for an opportunity to flex your webOS skills on a new app, but need a bit of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing? We’ve got the answer for you. For the next few weeks, we’re going to hold weekly, virtual, mini-hackathons around some cool aspects of webOS development you may not be familiar with yet.

Interested? Here’s how it works:

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