Weekly App Hack Winner – Popup Apps

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Thanks once again to the people who submitted apps for the weekly App Hack! We continue to be amazed by the creative ways that webOS developers find to turn webOS technologies into fantastic apps in only a week’s time!

This week’s winner goes to a great new app that is sure to find a home on many a TouchPad: Clipboard Expander by Victor Brusca of MiddleMind Games!

Clipboard Expander takes advantage of the Popup app to deal with a problem we have all faced: you want to be copying and pasting more than one thing at once. You can store up to 8 pieces of text in Clipboard Expander, and have easy access to them from any application that shows the webOS notifications area.


Clipboard Expander

Congratulations, Victor! We will be contacting you to get you your TouchPad!

Honorable Mention: Grooveshark

The folks at Grooveshark have added a fantastic little popup player to the Grooveshark webOS app. Now, controlling playback of your grooveshark tunes is easier than ever. Nice work, Grooveshark team!


Honorable Mention: Tweet Viewer by Craig Schadle of MachiApps

Want to keep an instant pulse on what the world is thinking? Check out Tweet Viewer! enter a @username or #hashtag you’d like to check out on Twitter, and then tap the Tweet Viewer popup to get the latest results from all of Twitter.

Tweet Viewer

Honorable Mention: Pop Speed Dialer by Jacques Piquard of Polar Jack Software

This great little Pre3 app makes phone dialing accessible from a dashboard icon, and does a lookup on partial numbers. Very cool!

popup dialer

While we can only highlight a select number of App Hack submissions we receive, we would like to congratulate and thank everyone who participated in this week’s App Hack, and look forward to seeing what the terrific webOS developer community comes up with next.

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