Enyo Hackathon and a New Blog!

1 BY Fred Patton

The big news of the day is the new Enyo blog, hosted at blog.enyojs.com. Today, you’ll find news about Enyo 2.0b2, which includes the first set of UI widgets. Read the blog for details.

Have you signed up yet for the March 4th Enyo Virtual Hackathon? There will be live physical presences in NYC (hosted at Pivotal Labs’ NYC headquarters), Dallas, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Oklahoma City, but you can also participate virtually from anywhere! Should be a great time. Big thanks to the NYC webOS Developer/Enthusiast Meetup group for putting it together. Awesome job, guys!

Sam’s Blog: March Deliverables

4 BY Sam Greenblatt

As we head into March, I want to give you an update on what you can expect from us this month. The development team continues to work hard to bring you a best-in-class open platform, and meeting our March commitments pushes us further in that direction.

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Sam’s Blog: February Releases for Open webOS

6 BY Sam Greenblatt

[Updated to clarify availability of the Enyo UI widgets.]

Today I am proud to announce delivery of our February Open webOS commitments: extensions to QtWebKit, the release of Isis (our web browser), our integration with JavaScript core, UI Enyo widgets (to be released at the end of February), and our governance model.

The web increasingly provides the best option for cross-platform development. It continues to be rapidly adopted and improved upon by a wide variety of platforms. Developers look to standards-based web development as a way of deploying across the mobile landscape, maximizing the potential market. We’re seeing proof of that with the adoption of Enyo, which has been downloaded 40,000 times in only three weeks. With today’s release, webOS remains at the forefront of this emerging standard.

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Sam’s Blog: Open webOS Governance Model

14 BY Sam Greenblatt

Last week, I promised you an outline of the webOS governance model. Today, we’re publishing that model and announcing the leaders of the Project Management Committees. As you will see below, we’ve based the model on the Apache Way.

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App Hack Winner!

1 BY Fred Patton

Once again, we want to thank everyone who submitted an app to our Weekly App Hack. This was kind of a tricky one, and we weren’t sure what kind of response we’d get, but you folks don’t disappoint!

Our winner this week is…

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Sam’s Blog: A progress update

3 BY Sam Greenblatt

Editor’s note: Today, we bring you another in a series of regular posts from Sam Greenblatt, the chief technology officer and head of technical strategy for the open webOS project.

After catching our breath from the first of many open source releases of webOS, we needed to get back to work to deliver on our commitments for February.

A key part of those commitments, as we shared in our roadmap, are extensions to QtWebKit. We are very fortunate to have a great WebKit team, led by Leonid Zolotarev. You will see an enhanced QtWebKit, a first look at the webOS governance structure (which will based on Apache methodologies), as well a few additional surprises, in the February release.

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