Sam’s Blog: A Community Release

11 BY Sam Greenblatt

We are very excited to announce that we will be publishing additional components from the current release of webOS for the TouchPad, version 3.0.5, at In future discussions, we will refer to these components at as the “Community Edition.” Look for this effort to be completed in June. (Note that this release is not directly related to our Open webOS project, which remains dedicated to open sourcing an up-leveled version of webOS.)

We are publishing this legacy code to provide members of our community around the globe the ability to work with legacy devices using the current platform. One of our core values is that as many components of future and legacy operating systems should be open to the community. We value the contributions the webOS community has made over the past few years, and hope that this additional release will help you better understand the platform and create a constructive environment for moving forward as Open webOS itself is released.

On a scheduling note, we have also been informed that the Linux 3.3 kernel has produced a seventh release candidate. There have been many patches in the area of networking, drivers, management, and memory, and it looks like it may be ready for release by the end of the month. We will stick to our schedule of releasing our abstraction layer and components in the next few days in anticipation of the release of Linux 3.3. You should be able to work with it on any standard Linux kernel (e.g., Ubuntu or Debian-based) for now.

We remain committed to the Open webOS roadmap and are very pleased by the community interest we’ve seen so far. Thanks for your continued support!

Comments (11)

  1. fxspec06 says:

    @iMarck90: I think maybe you should let that go for now. Just a suggestion.

    @palm: Thanks for your continued hard work and effort. It’s greatly appreciated.

  2. John says:

    What about the legacy devices, release a non-carrier doctor webOS 2.2.4 for Pixi/PixiPlus/Pre/PrePlus/Veer. Release the kernel source code for webOS 2.2.4 for those devices. Stop the fragmentation…

  3. Evance says:

    Sweet! I really hope that this includes the graphic engine. It kicked everyone else’s ass in the canvas benchmarks and would love to integrate it in Mozilla for one. I don’t know what it does; but it leaves Skia and iOS’s engine in the dust.

  4. RNP says:

    Yes, I agree!

    The HP Veer gonna receive what? The Open Source webOS 1.0, only? :-\

    Best Regards… B)

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  6. Konstantin Tokarev says:

    WebKit patch is certainly incomplete – it misses any build system changes required for compilation of added files.

  7. Evance Wong says:

    I agree with the folks here too. Source for past/old devices would be awesome. Lots of goodness could come out of that. THe community can also support the old devices if the source is made available.

  8. Bill Babb says:

    Odd…On my phone it remembered my name and email but not here…very strange. Anyway, I was trying to compose a comment on the old Pre but the battery was just about gone and it lost it. :[

    Regarding legacy phones, it seems obvious that HP has abandoned them. The last version I got was 1.4.5, I think, and it was far from perfect. It still has the TMC (too many cards) problem that should have been fixed years ago. Even with only one card active it frequently pops up with its nonsense. I’m no expert but but even I can see it has virtually nothing to do with the cards but rather is a memory management problem. The video problem may well be related. This one shows a partial picture out of line with the window frame. Nothing I’ve found can fix it. Of course, this is assuming the video is one of the few formats that’s actually supported. Flash certainly is not after having been promised for around three years. It’s another case of a required element provider being convinced that WebOS was dead and buried and dropping development on a feature they never supported in the first place. Am I bitter. Now what would give you that idea?

    If I had the knowledge and the time I would take on the support for these orphan devices because I suspect there are many like me, stuck with an obsolete phone unable or unwilling to upgrade. It’s hell being mostly broke…

  9. Marcel says:

    I have two Palm Pixi phones, a Sprint Palm Pre and a Touch Pad. Once webOS is released as open source does this mean I will be able to download this to my phones and I could put webOS on my PC?