Sam’s Blog: March Progress

4 BY Sam Greenblatt

Today is a very exciting day for Open webOS. The Linux Standard Kernel (LSK) version 3.3 was released today by Linus Torvalds. When you read the release notes you will see some very significant functionality that we did not have in webOS. It incorporates new functionality such as the TI C6X and all ARM and Intel Chips. It also implements Open vSwitch, which is a more scalable kernel feature to prevent buffer overflow on TCP/IP v6.

The Linux Foundation has completed the Android mainlining, and LSK3.3 will support all Android drivers as well as traditional Linux Drivers. We expect to see other companies adopt this kernel as the standard.

In conjunction with this, we are releasing today our platform portability layer, code-named “Nyx Project” which will work with the new LSK. We are also releasing this week our USB extensions and graphics extensions. Next week, we plan to go public with our LevelDB integration. We’ll have more information on that when it goes out.

In administrative news, we are naming Damian Kowalewski leader of the Project Management Committee for our Core OS project.

And with that,  we will have met our roadmap commitments for March.

We are also excited to announce a new website dedicated to Open webOS, We will soon host a new blog on that site, and you can look for subsequent blog posts from me there.


Comments (4)

  1. iMarck90 says:

    Good news, but you like your friend, still not answer a damn update for the HP Veer!
    Come on, what is the problem? release this update damn!

  2. Paul says:

    Hi this is all great news, could you find out when the UK will get an update to the app catalog?

    We still have the November Sports version.