Developer Center Updates

2 BY Roy Sutton

A few astute developers may have noticed a couple of new features in the My Apps section of the Developer Center Web site. This last weekend we rolled out some changes to make it easier for developers to monitor their apps and generate promo codes.

The first change allows developers to see app reviews for their apps within the Developer Center. Developers can view the reviews by version, date, or rating. With this new feature developers will be better able to monitor user sentiment and quickly determine if updates are producing the desired effect.

Customer Review Screen

The second change allows for shorter promo codes. These new ‘printable’ promo codes are easier for users to type than the traditional ‘secure’ promo codes. Developers can now choose the type of promo codes they generate depending upon how the codes will be distributed.

We continue to work on the Developer Center to improve the usefulness for developers. We know how important good tools are for engaging and retaining customers. We look forward to introducing even more features in the future. If you would like to discuss the new features please visit this post in the forum.

Comments (2)

  1. iMarck90 says:

    Really good news! I’m really happy to see you are still working hard for developers :)
    I have a request, it’s possible to open the store finally to Italian User? You know it’s on plan to sell the device on Italy and Open the store, the webOS Italia community it’s still solid :)

  2. Olafur Arason says:

    Hi, what’s happening with the April progress. Also I can’t find the usb and graphic support in your github repository unless I’m misunderstanding something. Your doing really interesting things and you must be swamped.