Eurozone VAT Change

0 BY Roy Sutton

European Union recently instituted changes that affect the VAT rate for app purchases in those countries. To offset the new VAT, app prices in those countries were automatically increased. As always, you can manually adjust your prices by performing a meta-data update in the webOS Developer Center. This change should keep keep your app revenues the same as they were before the VAT increase. If you have questions about the VAT change, please visit our forum.

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Multiple App Version Support

0 BY Roy Sutton

As of late last week, the App Catalog supports multiple app versions. When updating an app, if you remove support for a particular version of webOS or a specific device, the system will automatically continue to provide the last suitable version to users. No action is needed to take advantage of this functionality. If you have been holding off on making changes to your app because it would no longer function on older devices you can now update to a new version. Simply uncheck the device(s) no longer supported and the older version will continue to be available on the older devices. Feel free to discuss this change in our forum.

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