Developer Meetup with Phil McKinney

1 BY Roy Sutton

Last Wednesday night I had the great fortune to attend the New York City webOS Developers Meetup featuring Phil McKinney. Longtime webOS developers will remember Phil from his role as CTO of HP. Phil is currently promoting his book, Beyond the Obvious, and has just taken over as CEO of Cable Labs. The meeting was held at the 92nd street YMHA and was hosted by Ben Stern and Jonathan Ezor, both also long-time webOS fans.

Phil’s new book focuses on innovation. Phil spent about half the night discussing his book and the lessons on promoting innovation. There were many interesting ideas and I recommend you take a look at this book if you are at all involved in providing a product or service.

The rest of the night involved questions about HP and webOS. We learned about the role that Phil played during HP’s acquisition of Palm. He said that he carries his TouchPad with him everywhere he goes. He also said that he believes that Open webOS has a lot to offer. We couldn’t agree more!

After Phil’s talk I got a chance to hand out some Enyo t-shirts and talk a bit about our plans for Open webOS, Enyo and the webOS Community Edition. It’s always great to meet with developers. Perhaps we’ll show up at your webOS developer meetup?

Photo credits: Ben Stern

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