Roy and Jeremy: Adventures in JavaScript Land

0 BY Roy Sutton

The last few weeks have been busy for everyone around here. In addition to getting all the Open webOS goodies ready and getting Enyo 2.0 out the door many of us have been hitting the road and spreading the good news.  While Dave Freeman and the other DevRel folks were busy out on the West Coast, Jeremy Thomas and I were busy out here in the East.


Our first stop was New York for the 2nd GothamJS conference. GothamJS was a one-day, general interest JavaScript conference. Jeremy and I were joined by the inestimable Ben Combee. Presentations ranged from Canvas as a Flash replacement to understanding the power of regular expressions. The first speaker was JavaScript doyen Douglas Crockford, who spoke on the importance of maintaining good code style. We were mainly here to network and catch up with the latest goings-on in JavaScript. All-in-all a good conference with a range of useful talks.

Throne of JS

Toronto, Ontario, Canada was location for the recent Throne of JS conference. This conference pitted several JavaScript frameworks against each other in a knock-down, drag-out fight. Well… it was actually much more friendly than that. The conference was entirely focused on frameworks, and, except for the glaring lack of Enyo among the presented frameworks, it was very interesting.

The focus of most of the frameworks we got to see was data binding. Each framework had its own approach to data binding. Enyo itself doesn’t prescribe any particular approach to data binding and, consequently, works relatively well when combined with these other frameworks. We’ll soon have some interesting demos that show off how to tie Enyo to these newer frameworks.

And in conclusion…

One of the best parts of going to these conferences is getting to meet the people who are moving the state of JavaScript forward. If you don’t go out and find out what problems others are facing and you don’t see how others are tackling similar problems you run the risk of stale thinking. It’s important to us that we keep Enyo evolving. One of the other great parts is getting to talk about Enyo and showing people how Enyo can help them create great apps. To that end, we’ll be on the road for the rest of the year getting the word out. Perhaps we’ll see you at the next conference?

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April Code Releases for Open webOS

4 BY Roy Sutton

As April draws to a close we are pleased to share more code for Open webOS. This month’s scheduled release includes support for Node.js as well as updates to Enyo and Ares.

In addition, we are pleased to announce early delivery of the System Manager Bus (which was originally scheduled for July) and a release of three policy components based on our Platform Portability Layer. We’re happy to be ahead of schedule in getting this component of the Open webOS platform into your hands.

Node.js is a JavaScript platform for deploying event-driven applications. It also forms the backbone for writing services in Open webOS. The code available from this release includes the bindings necessary to access the System Manager Bus.

The System Manager Bus, also known as Luna-service2, implements the Inter-Process Communications (IPC) mechanism used by Open webOS. Included with the release are utilities for monitoring and debugging. More information is available here. We were pleased to have this piece ready ahead of schedule so we’re making it available to the community.

The three system policy components included in this release are Powerd, Sleepd, and Storaged. Each is implemented using our Platform Portability Layer and demonstrates how to interface to system devices. More information is available on the Systems Policy Components page.

The Enyo team has been hard at work. This latest release of Enyo includes a number of new features including the new List widget. Also, the Ares 2 repo is now public. Head over to for more on both Enyo and Ares.

Finally, as with other Open webOS components, you can find all the source online and detailed information at the project Web site. Keep the feedback, pull requests, comments, and ideas coming. Open webOS is already a better platform from the contributions the community has made!

Enyo Hackathon and a New Blog!

1 BY Fred Patton

The big news of the day is the new Enyo blog, hosted at Today, you’ll find news about Enyo 2.0b2, which includes the first set of UI widgets. Read the blog for details.

Have you signed up yet for the March 4th Enyo Virtual Hackathon? There will be live physical presences in NYC (hosted at Pivotal Labs’ NYC headquarters), Dallas, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Oklahoma City, but you can also participate virtually from anywhere! Should be a great time. Big thanks to the NYC webOS Developer/Enthusiast Meetup group for putting it together. Awesome job, guys!