Upcoming App Catalog Payment

0 BY Roy Sutton

Who doesn’t love money? If you’re one of the many who have apps in the App Catalog and love money, you’re in luck! In order to perform some maintenance on the App Catalog we’re going to need to pay developer’s outstanding balances. This one time process will send out payments to developers who would otherwise not have been paid yet. Normally, the App Catalog sends out payments once the total owed is over $100 or 100 €. For this payment, all outstanding balances will be paid, regardless of amount. Consider it an early Thanksgiving gift.

Also note that the payments will be coming from the e-mail addresses webos.us@hp.com and webos.eu@hp.com. Be sure to update your mail rules so the notices don’t get lost.

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Sugardave’s Conference Adventures

0 BY sugardave

During the run-up to the release of Enyo 2.0 GA, the team was busily working on framework code and traveling to various conferences to get the word out about our favorite framework. Here are some highlights:

Open Web Camp 4

I attended the 4th annual Open Web Camp event in Sunnyvale, CA on July 14th, 2012. Our team was a sponsor for the event and there were around 300 people in attendance splitting their time between one of three simultaneous sessions. I was joined by teammates Art Dahm and The Interns (Joshua Cole, Patrick Roberts, Jason Robitaille, and Arthur Thornton). Some other people I know were there, but I can’t mention them or their hush-hush-secret stuff they work on.

The sessions I attended ranged from how to do 3D in CSS3, to webGL, to “why I hate ‘mobile’” (an attention-grabbing session title for responsive design and single codebases). All of the presenters that I saw did a great job, and I would bet the ones I didn’t see did, too. The organizers did a great job getting relevant topics in the mix.

I gave a presentation that takes a slightly deeper look at Enyo than you would get from an overview and had lots of people smiling as they “got it” in regards to what we offer: a single codebase to develop your app that is ready to go on every modern desktop browser and mobile platform that exists right now. I mean, how could you not love that?

The organizers were very gracious and let me know many times how glad they were that we were able to be part of their event. PayPal let them use their Town Hall facility and even provided all-day onsite technical helpers and site security. I had a good time and we generated a bit of Enyo buzz to lead up to….

OSCON 2012

Enda (on right) poses with Open Source icon

For my first trip to OSCON, I have to say I thought it was great! There were LOTS of attendees and exhibitors/sponsors. We shared an exposition space with the HP Cloud team (thanks, y’all!) and spread the good word with them, as well. Here, I was joined by Art Dahm (stalker!), Peter Helm, Sonal Gandhi, and the head of Developer Relations himself, Enda McGrath!

I had the privilege of delivering my presentation during the first session time of the day on Wednesday, July 18th. Once again, people were impressed by the concepts I was showing them, plus I got the added bonus of announcing our GA release of 2.0! For the rest of the expo part (all day Wednesday and Thursday), our team rocked the Enyo booth showing off the Enyo 2.0 Sampler app on multiple platforms and desktop browsers, talking to people about Enyo and how it works, and generally having a great time getting the word out.

We even had some folks come by who wanted to talk about HP Cloud things, but then decided to also stick around and check out Enyo. Good stuff!

We gave away a lot swag in the form of Enyo stickers and t-shirts (we gave out all of the t-shirts we brought, so come to the hackathon for a chance to score one, they’re getting rarer), and of course a big thanks goes out to Sonal for organizing our giveaways and booth presence.

Peter Helm and me

I address the crowds at the HP Cloud booth

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Enyo at SpainJS 2012

0 BY Jeremy Thomas

This month (July 5-7) we had the privilege of sponsoring and attending SpainJS in beautiful Madrid. This was a three day event consisting of conference talks and hands-on workshop sessions. Enyo was proudly represented there by Markus Leutwyler and myself, Jeremy Thomas.

Workshop Session

Markus responding to questions at the SpainJS Enyo workshopSpainJS began on Thursday with a series of smaller, interactive workshops where developers could get their hands dirty with the topic being presented. The workshops started out with a 1.5 hour introductory session on Enyo from our very own Markus Leutwyler.

After the presentation, attendees were given the opportunity to download Enyo and experiment with it on their own. Developers created new projects or expanded on pre-made sample applications provided to them. The developers were encouraged to ask questions and receive personal help from Markus and myself.

Photo credit: SpainJS

Conference Talk

The main conference talks were held on Friday and Saturday. These last two days were jam-packed with excellent presentations given by brilliant Javascript developers from all over. Some standout talks, in our opinion, were:

Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of both Backbone.js and CoffeeScript, gave an introduction to CoffeeScript, basically a simplified version of JavaScript that compiles to JavaScript (with a compiler written in JavaScript).

Alex MacCaw, creator of the Spine JavaScript framework talked about the rise of asynchronous user interfaces. This is a very interesting technique for frontend developers where you decouple the feedback from an action and the actual work that has to happen (e.g. uploading a picture) to make the user interface as responsive as possible.

Keith Norman shared his pipedream, namely using the same backbone.js code in the browser and on the server (with Node.js). Imagine not only having the same language (JavaScript) and runtime on both the server and client but also the same code!

While we had a presence at the event, we weren’t scheduled to speak outside of our previous workshop. However, on Friday, there was an open-call for “lightning talks” where developers had the opportunity to give a quick, five minute presentation of their own. This was a great chance for people to showcase their various projects to a packed venue. Markus quickly grabbed his computer and headed to the front of the stage to register for a session.

After a few lightning round talks, Markus was announced. He then gave a brief talk on Enyo and demonstrated its benefits and ease-of-use. It was apparently well-received, because during his talk I had non-stop traffic at our booth.


SpainJS turned out to be a great event, for the event coordinators and for us. Enyo was well-received, judging by the number of people that stopped by our booth to get more information. We also handed out a ton of t-shirts and stickers, and made a lot of new friends.

If you were hesitant to go this year, now might be the time to start coming up with reasons to vacation there next year for SpainJS 2013. We’ll plan on seeing you there!

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Enyo Hackathon

0 BY Roy Sutton

Want to learn more about Enyo, the cross-platform JavaScript framework that’s sweeping the Web? You’re in luck! After Enyo’s done with sweeping, she’ll be putting in an appearance at the Enyo Hackathon in Sunnyvale, CA on August 4th, 2012. Come and collaborate with the Developer Relations and Enyo teams to produce apps, hack on the code, make reusable components and more. Find out how, with Enyo, you can rapidly produce responsive apps for the desktop and mobile devices. There’s no cost to attend, but space is limited!

Did I mention prizes? There’ll be prizes, too!

Register for the Enyo Hackathon at EventBrite today.

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Multiple App Version Support

0 BY Roy Sutton

As of late last week, the App Catalog supports multiple app versions. When updating an app, if you remove support for a particular version of webOS or a specific device, the system will automatically continue to provide the last suitable version to users. No action is needed to take advantage of this functionality. If you have been holding off on making changes to your app because it would no longer function on older devices you can now update to a new version. Simply uncheck the device(s) no longer supported and the older version will continue to be available on the older devices. Feel free to discuss this change in our forum.

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Making Use of PhoneGap’s Native Functions

0 BY sfeaster

Now that your project is set up and your application has been included, it’s important to understand the relationship between Enyo and PhoneGap.

When your application is first launched, PhoneGap will send a “deviceready” event to the document body. This event tells us that the application has been launched and PhoneGap has been loaded. It is at this point, where we can use Enyo to render our application.

Fortunately, Enyo 2 has added native support for listening to this event.
If you are using the latest Enyo 2 build in github ( https://github.com/enyojs/enyo ), you already have the needed file for this ability (enyo/source/dom/phonegap.js).

If you are using the recent public release (Enyo 2.0 beta 4), you will need to download the support package, found in the enyojs/extra repo ( https://github.com/enyojs/extra ). Then you will need to be sure to include that package in your application:

<script src="lib/extra/phonegap/package.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Enyo 2 uses its “enyo.Signals” kind, in order to listen for when Cordova is ready to render our application. To do this, we need to add an Enyo listener to our document body.

    <script type="text/javascript">
        // tell enyo to listen for deviceready event
        enyo.dispatcher.listen(document, "deviceready");

        new App().renderInto(document.body);

* Note that we must use App().renderInto(document.body) instead of App.write().
In order to respond to the event we have a listener for, we must add a “enyo.Signals” kind to our application.

  name: "App",
  components: [
    {kind: "Signals", ondeviceready: "deviceReady"},
    {content: "Hello world!"}

The full code for our example application is contained within index.html:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, height=device-height, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" />
    <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>

    <title>Enyo Cordova WP7 Application</title>

   <!-- Cordova -->
    <script src="cordova-1.7.0.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

   <!-- Enyo -->
    <script src="enyo/enyo.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    <!-- Include if using Enyo 2.0 beta 4 -->
    <script src="lib/extra/phonegap/package.js" type="text/javascript"></script>



    // tell enyo to listen for deviceready event
    enyo.dispatcher.listen(document, "deviceready");

    // Application kind
      name: "App",
      components: [
        {kind: "Signals", ondeviceready: "deviceReady"},
        {content: "Hello world!"}

    new App().renderInto(document.body);

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Developer Devices Sold Out

3 BY Fred Patton

We want to thank everybody for the overwhelming interest in the TouchPad Developer Device Purchase Program. We have completed issuing coupon codes for both the North America and EMEA regions. If you requested coupon codes but have not yet received an email, we apologize that we are unable to fulfill your request.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing your applications in the webOS App Catalog!

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Expanding opportunities in the App Catalog

6 BY devrel

We’re continuing to provide developers with more opportunities to distribute their apps. Here are some updates we’d like to share:

Paid apps for Australia and New Zealand App Catalogs
Building on the recent addition of HP webOS App Catalogs for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, we’re excited to announce that developers will be able to offer paid apps in the App Catalogs for Australia and New Zealand as well.

To make your paid app available in these countries, you will need to select the Australia and New Zealand App Catalogs and designate the price of your app in the My Apps tab. Read our help article for more details.

Submit TouchPad and smartphone apps in a single package
We have also implemented an update to our developer portal that lets you submit a smartphone app and TouchPad app as a single package to the App Catalog. Now developers can offer their apps across multiple webOS devices in a more seamless way. For more information, check out our help article.

Meet the Team: Jag Wood

3 BY devrel

“Meet the Team” is a series to help you get to know your webOS Developer Relations team. It’s a friendly and fun behind-the-scenes look at the people whose main mission is to serve and champion webOS developers everywhere.

This time, we chat with Jag Wood, Director of Evangelism, who talks about the mission of her growing team, what she hears from developers and a little bit of the lighter side at HP.

Q: First off, what’s your title and what does that really mean?

I joined the webOS team as the Director of Evangelism and Worldwide Developer Relations.  At a high level, my team has a dual role.  Externally – the Evangelists speak to the values, key features and benefits of developing on webOS and provide technical deep dives on the platform.  Internally – we become the voices for the developer communities around current and future product input.  We take what we see, hear and feel from our developers and bring that feedback in-house for all to hear.  The feedback is used in planning for future enhancements and updates to the platform.

Q: We’ve been building out the Developer Relations team and I know there are a lot of new faces on your team in particular. What are some things developers can expect as your team grows?

Our goals in their simplest forms are to have more direct contact and 1:1 interactions with our developers, help them see success on webOS and be their “voice” on ideas around evolving the platform in meaningful ways.  We’re here to support and grow our relationships with the developer community that will bring amazing content to webOS.

We’re always looking for great people to join the team, locally and abroad, so if anyone out there is interested, referrals are welcome!

Read more

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Register for upcoming webOS developer events

1 BY devrel

By now, you’re probably familiar with the series of webOS workshops and webOS CONNECT developer events we’ve been hosting around the world. They’ve been incredibly popular and we’ve had awesome turnout everywhere we’ve been. But lots of developers have been asking, “When are you headed to my city?” You asked for more events – and we’ve got them.

We’re hosting webOS workshops and webOS CONNECT events in the following cities. These events are free, but we encourage you to register now to secure your spot:

- September 7, 2011: Sydney, Australia
- September 12, 2011: Singapore
- September 15, 2011: Hong Kong
- October 4, 2011: Milan, Italy
- October 6, 2011: Madrid, Spain
- October 11, 2011: Beijing, China

As we mentioned in a previous post, we’re excited about expanding the HP webOS App Catalog to four new countries and we look forward to meeting developers there and the other cities we have scheduled in the coming months. We hope to see lots of you soon!

Register today

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