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Price: $4.99

Requires: webOS 3.0.0

Version: 1.1.2

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Available for:

HP TouchPad

Sparkle HD

Embark on an extraordinary journey to save Crowberry Woods on your TouchPad! DESCRIPTION Get ready to save Crowberry Woods in this brand-new TouchPad version of the PC and Mac hit game! The basic game play is simple: tap where you want the orb to land and match three orbs to make them disappear. Make several matches in a row to receive powerups. Just don't let the orbs fall into the abyss! You'll also discover over ten different powerful amulets throughout your journey. They change the rules of the game in your favor. For example, the Amulet of Firebolt empowers you with powerful fiery bolts - and there are many more! Embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover the secrets of Crowberry Woods. Banish the darkness with your Orb Slinger and reclaim your land! ✓ Enjoy several hours of top quality action puzzling. ✓ Travel through Crowberry Woods and discover over 10 powerful Amulets! ✓ Use over a dozen powerups. ✓ Magnificent sound track. ✓ Uncover the 12 secrets of the woods. Hint: Butterflies. ✓ Wide selection of different hand crafted levels. ✓ 3 game modes: Quest, Challenges, and Survival.

Sparkle HD
Sparkle HD
Sparkle HD