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Requires: webOS 3.0.2

Version: 1.0.3

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Available for:

HP TouchPad

Pandora Tablet

This is a HP Touchpad optimized Pandora Radio app. Working dashboard controls, buttons, and account sign-in. It can also be selected to run in Exhibition, but with the same interface as the carded app. DOES NOT SUPPORT LunaCE! I am working on a fix. Please feel free to donate, and if you do, I'll make your Pandora Tablet experience even better. Help with app development is also appreciated. THIS APP IS US ONLY, DUE TO PANDORA BEING A US ONLY SERVICE. Tweet to me for fastest support. If you use the "Report A Problem" feature, please also shoot me an email. That function only notifies HP. (@drewksparks_dev) <--(Preferred) I needed, you can also email me at drewksparks.dev@gmail.com or PM me on webosnation: drewksparks New in this version: -Rumor has it, that if you donate, the skip limit will be removed from your Pandora. -attempted to fix a freezing issue experienced by some users. -added an "Up Next" tile that gives the user a sneak peek at the next song in the queue. -bug fixes -removed ugly donate button on "Stations" screen. Note to everyone: If Pandora contacts me asking me to remove my app, I will immediately comply, and an update will be forced out that makes Pandora Tablet useless. This will also happen in the event that Pandora updates their existing app to support the Touchpad. Thanks for your understanding!

Pandora Tablet
Pandora Tablet
Pandora Tablet