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Requires: webOS 2.1.0

Version: 1.8.0

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Available for:

Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, Palm Pre2, HP Pre3, HP TouchPad

Wild'n Video Poker HD

Play the best version of Video Poker ever made for webOS! This is one the FEW apps that works on ALL webOS devices! With easy to navigate menus, a clean user interface, and an incredibly addicting game, you could easily spend all day playing this game while doing anything else! Introducing my very own version of wildcard video poker, you will be hooked from the beginning. A wildcard is generated each hand, and you can score from any number of natural and wildcard winning combinations. Features: - Wild'n Game mode, and Basic Game mode for Casino style play - Saved games - Raise or lower bet - Automatically deal cards for fast play, or deal them face down and touch to flip - Beautiful card flip and deal animations - Payout Screens - Tabbed Stats Screens - Incredibly detailed stats track number of wins and losses for each hand, along with total earnings, total hands won and lost, and percentages, for both current game and all-time, and conveniently display after loss of game for easy review - In-game sounds - Choose from 45 different card backgrounds and 44 different game backgrounds - Backup your stats and game data to your Villo profile, and easily restore to any device on demand - In-Game chat, powered by Villo - Built-In Leaderboards let you compete with your Villo friends for the all time high score - Help section & tutorial There is no other game quite like Wild'n Video Poker yet available for WebOS. This game is wildly* addicting, so download now! *pun intended To learn more about Villo, visit www.villo.net or follow @Villo on twitter https://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.fxspec06.wildnpoker

Wild'n Video Poker HD
Wild'n Video Poker HD
Wild'n Video Poker HD