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Price: $1.43

Requires: webOS 1.4.5

Version: 3.8.9

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Available for:

Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, Palm Pre2, HP Pre3, HP TouchPad

Text Morpher

New: Full Screen TouchPad support Scroller Button ◁◀◁◀—ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓨ or ©яαżÿ Scrolling Messages☜ with symbols for webOS ←≪ http://youtu.be/FaG8arsH_Q0 Text Morpher includes ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔ ⓣⓔⓧⓣ & ŦεxŦ ℉яεαkεя, (ɹǝddılɟ ʇxʇ upside down text not yet viewable on webOS 2.0.x devices), it's a fun little app that flips your text upside down, puts your text in bubbles, or freaks your text by making it look exotic. Also many symbols are now included: ♣♠♦♥♡ ☏ ♫ ♪ to enhance your tweets or status updates. One-Tap buttons to send Mεssαgεs ⓘⓝ ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔⓢ and/or uʍop ǝpısdn directly to Email, IM, Clip Board, Twitter clients (Spaz, Twee, Bad Kitty, Carbon, Lithium, QuickPost, Tachyon), Ping.fm, Tumblbox, Facebook, and Notes without having to copy paste yourself. Video 2: http://youtu.be/xIqk_8lH-rY No SMS txt messaging due to carriers' limited character set. !!!DO NOT USE FOR SMS txt-ing!!! uʍop ǝpısdn ʇxǝʇ ɹnoʎ sdılɟ ʇɐɥʇ ddɐ ǝlʇʇıl unɟ ɐ Use a Morphed word as your ultra-strong password. Use the Morphed text as your personal status message Post Morphed text on Facebook chat, Twitter, blogs, comments, forums, MySpace, Netlog, Bebo, Hi5, Yahoo! Messenger, Flickr, AIM, eBuddy, Meebo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, etc. Send the morphed text to your instant messages, emails, facebook, forum message boards, foursquare, and twitter accounts, almost anywhere at all that supports UTF-8 character set (morphed texts DO NOT work with SMS txt messaging as cell phone carriers use a shorter character set). IM clients including gtalk, aim, and yahoo messenger, all work with morphed text. (You may need Arial Unicode MS font to view on your PC. Comes with Office.) iPhone-can not display morphed txt msgs, but can display morphed emails. Most if not all Blackberries can NOT display morphed texts nor emails. This App uses Metrix for anonymous usage analytics / statistics. (http://metrix.webosroundup.com/ )

Text Morpher
Text Morpher
Text Morpher