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Price: $2.99

Requires: webOS 3.0.0

Version: 1.0.1

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Available for:

HP TouchPad

Scientific Calculator +-

The most feature complete scientific calculator for HP Touchpad! Here are some of the advanced functions available on this calculator: - Arbitrary powers and roots - Logarithms: natural, base10 and arbitrary logarithms - Statistical functions: factorial, permutation, combination, pseudorandom numbers - List functions: sum, product, average, max, min functions for arbitrarily long lists - Trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan and atan2 - Rounding functions: round, floor, ceil - Hyperbolic functions: sinh, cosh, tanh and their inverses - [x 10^] key for easy entry of scientific notation - 26 memory registers (letters A to Z, “Ans” register always contains last result) - Go back in your query and modify your entry using the arrow keys and [DEL] key - Queries can be as long as you want, there is no character limit - Syntax errors are explained through a short message The app runs full screen in landscape and portrait modes. The large display shows all previous queries and results, just swipe to scroll up and down. Here are some features that are currently NOT available but will arrive with future versions within the next weeks: - Go back and edit previous queries - Switch between degrees and radians - Select number (plain, scientific notation, engineering notation) format for results Note: This app is also available as a paid add-on to our free app “Calculator++”. Please send feature requests, bug reports and general feedback to calculator@minderleister.com. We are a friendly bunch and reply to every email, usually within a few hours. We also regularly monitor app reviews but we cannot reply to those and can therefore not help you with any problems if you only leave your feedback there.

Scientific Calculator +-
Scientific Calculator +-
Scientific Calculator +-