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Price: $1.99

Requires: webOS 1.3.5

Version: 1.4.0

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Available for:

Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, HP TouchPad


"If you like quotes, a must have app" - by a user. * Available in: English. * v1.4 added Facebook support - posting Quotes directly to your Facebook page. You will need to have the latest Facebook App for Palm installed for this to work. v1.2 added Search feature. Need a little inspiration to lead a more productive life? Need that Shakespeare quote for your essay? Or, just need a quick quote a day to share with your Facebook friends? The "5000 Quotes" App for webOS does them all! This app features: - Simple and Intuitive user interface. - One Click Copying both quote and author to clipboard so you can paste into your Notes or Facebook Status. - Save to and Remove from your personal Favorite list. - Email or SMS any quote to your friends. - Remember the quote you were reading last before closing the App. - 5,000 quotes to entertain you for months online or offline. This large collection of quotes range from wisdom, inspiration, motivation, happiness, life, love and more. They come from Abraham Lincoln, Aesop, Albert Camus, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin, Charles De Gaulle, Charles Dickens, George Shaw, Ernest Hemingway, HL Mencken, JF Kennedy, Kahlil Gibran, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lyndon B Johnson, Marcus Antoninus, Oprah Winfrey, Peter Drucker, Oliver Holmes, Plato, Reagan, Churchill, Socrates, Roosevelt, Hugo, Voltaire etc.