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Price: $2.99

Requires: webOS 1.4.5

Version: 1.2.5

To view this app on a webOS device, you may go to the HP App Catalog on your device and search for the app by name.

Alternately, you may send yourself an email with the HP App Catalog link to this app. When you click on the link from your device, the App Catalog will display the app details and allow you to install it.

To view this App on your device, enter your webOS Profile email below and click 'Send Email'. An email with an App link will be sent to you that will allow you to view and install the App.

Be sure to click the App link in the email on your webOS device.

Available for:

Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, Palm Pre2, HP Pre3, HP TouchPad

Forums (Tapatalk Powered)

"Browsing online forums using the Forums app by comparison is so fast and efficient that you may prefer using your webOS device over your computer." - PreCentral Forums will enable you to navigate all the Tapatalk enabled forums (more than 14,000 forums!!!) directly from your device, with an optimized webOS interface, and with no need of the availability of a mobile website. With over 14,000 compatible forums right now (growing daily) you can enjoy a a fast & optimized view of your favourite communities with a seamless mobile experience, and enjoy multiple communities at the same time with the unique webOS multitasking. Your favourite communities aren’t compatible? don’t worry. Ask your community admin to visit our website: making a forum compatible it’s as easy as copying a folder, and absolutely free. Forums key features: * Access to 14,000 online communities * Multiple forum accounts * Unlimited active forums at the same time * Unlimited Threads open at the same time * Add forums to your launcher * View New and Unread topics * View and Manage Subscribed and Participated topics * Subscribe to Topics and Subforums * Create/Reply/Edit topics and posts * Private Messages * NEW!!! Copy forum links to your webOS device clipboard (depends on Forum support). * NEW!!! Tweet your favourite posts, topics or threads, with the builtin Twitter support (depends on forum support). Forum is powered with Tapatalk Technology, enabling you to enjoy all the iPhone and Android Tapatalk Compatible Forums. ChangeLog included in the app under Menu->Support 1.2.0 Changelog: * Now you can copy and tweet forum links directly from Forums. Tap&hold on an item to view the options (requires forum support) * Now the app is able to recognize in-forum links, and open them in the app (requires forum support) For support questions, please email us to support@newnessdevelopments.com

Forums (Tapatalk Powered)
Forums (Tapatalk Powered)
Forums (Tapatalk Powered)