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Price: $2.99

Requires: webOS 3.0.0

Version: 1.8.0

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Available for:

HP TouchPad

Gemini File Manager

Gemini File Manager is the first twin-pane file manager for webOS. It features dozens of features including three different interface modes, copying, renaming & deletion of files, deep-searching of folders, built-in text editing, and many more features. Changelog: 2.0.0 COMING SOON! 1.8.0 -- NOTE: This is an interim update - a larger update with new features is on it's way and will be available in the very near future. -- A few bug fixes for Dropbox and Box.net -- Preview of UI changes for next update. -- Added Software Status section to Support. -- Some minor performance enhancements. 1.7.0 -- New feature: Remote - Access your TouchPad files wirelessly from a desktop computer over your local network. -- New Support screen to replace old help screen. -- Image viewer now shows the image filename. -- Number of performance enhancements including the removal of screen transitions. -- Reorganised and improved the header toolbar. -- Fixed number of errors in network manager (including text corrections and performance tweaks). -- Better error checking, and ability to report error messages via email. 1.6.0 -- Initial Box.net support added! -- Bug fixes for Dropbox support (file/folders with special characters work now). -- System feature reinstated. -- Dozens of bug fixes again. -- Updated Help info. 1.5.0 -- Sort file panes by name, size or extension. -- Added network manager with initial Dropbox support! (Uploading and downloading, no syncing currently). -- Added permissions grid to file info page. -- Updated Help page - added FAQ. -- Dozens of bug fixes. -- Many other tweaks and improvements.

Gemini File Manager
Gemini File Manager
Gemini File Manager