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Price: FREE

Requires: webOS 1.4.5

Version: 1.3.3

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Available for:

Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, Palm Pre2, HP Pre3, HP TouchPad

Paper Mache

Save web pages to read later. Pages are synced for offline reading and optimized for readability on your webOS device. Paper Mache requires a paid, $1/month subscription to the Instapaper service - does not work with a free Instapaper account. Features: * Text view of pages, optimized for your screen. * Articles are available Offline. * Automatic background Synchronization with website and devices. * Scrolling and Paged mode reading. * Remembers reading postion of each article and syncs between devices. * Configurable font, text size, spacing and margin. * Light and Dark viewing modes. * Full screen viewing. * Custom folders. * Browse feeds and add articles directly in app. * Search to find your articles. * Mark articles as "Liked". * Share articles or quotes from them, via Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Tumblr. New in 1.3.3: * Bug fix for getting article text webOS Browser patch available via Preware to directly add web pages. webOS version of the very well regarded Instapaper service. Not affliated with Instapaper. Currently available in English. To address some issues raised in reviews: If the app fails to load articles, restart your TouchPad. This is a storage issue in webOS 3.0.4. Yes, this app supports Instapaper, not ReadItLater. The Instapaper API forbids integration with ReadItLater. Yes, it requires a paid subscription. I've made this app free, but I don't run Instapaper, so I can't make that free as well. Use of the Instapaper API requires a paid subscription. Other non-iOS Instapaper apps scrape the Instapaper website without permission. They do not use the API and thus cannot sync your read position between devices. These other apps make money off the Instapaper service without supporting it. There are some lingering performance issues on phones, particularly the Pre3.

Paper Mache
Paper Mache
Paper Mache