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Price: $1.99

Requires: webOS 1.4.5

Version: 1.6.4

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Available for:

Palm Pre, HP TouchPad

Pressi Zola

**UPDATED** Game should load faster and added a penguin to the main menu (tap it, I dare ya) ** Pressi Zola is a board game that can be played with two players or you can play on your own against the computer. The goal of the game is quite simple: block your opponent by destroying the fields which surround him without being blocked yourself. Every turn of play, each player must first move to some adjacent field and then destroy a field of his choice. The first player who cannot move anymore loses the game. Pressi Zola is a port of the game Do'SSi Zo'la by the fine people at http://dossizola.sourceforge.net/. I have done a few bugixes and feature additions (namely sound). The game uses mp3's from your usb partition as the background music and music volume can be changed by tapping the music text while playing There are many more features planned for this game and I am always willing to accept recommendations from anyone who uses it. Please note that a portion of the proceeds will go to WebOS Internals. PLANNED UPDATES: -A few more backgrounds/tile images, Pixi support, Fulfilling user requests. Please contact me if you have any issues with this game as I cannot respond to Reviews. I promise all problems will be handled as fast as I can.

Pressi Zola
Pressi Zola
Pressi Zola