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Requires: webOS 1.4.0

Version: 1.0.0

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Available for:

Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, HP TouchPad

GPS Altitude

GPS Altitude is a simple app used to determine your altitude, accuracy, and coordinates. This app utilizes your phones GPS and Google Services.**Features: determines your altitude*determines the accuracy of the altitude measurement*displays your coordinates*tap coordinates to have them mapped on Google Maps, which can convert the coordinates to an address*push button to copy your coordinates to be pasted elsewhere Dashboard popup to keep the user informed of the altitude and accuracy even while in other programs*Option to keep turn your phones sleep timer of*GPS message center keeps the user notified of the GPS's status*English and metric units available in preferences*Built in GPS error handling. Notifies the user of errors** The main purpose of this app is to keep the user up to date with the latest altitude measurement and tell the user how accurate that measurement was. Even if you are in another application, GPS Altitude will display a dashboard popup notifying the user of the current altitude and accuracy. This app also can display your coordinates which can be pushed to Google Maps. Google Maps can translate them into an address. The coordinates can also be copied, by clicking the "Copy Coordinates" button, so you can paste them elsewhere. The GPS message center uses a few custom algorithms to help keep the user notified of what the GPS is doing. This can be helpful to the user when the gps might take a while locating or locking onto satellites. Use GPS message center when working with other GPS apps to stay informed. I, Casey Broome, or L337tech.com are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your phone or anything your phone is or may effect. This app should never be used as the sole navigation tool for flight, boating, driving, moving by foot, or any other transportation method where exact location is important. Mobile GPS's can be wildly inaccurate. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly.

GPS Altitude
GPS Altitude
GPS Altitude