Get the webOS 3.0 SDK: Develop for HP TouchPad and Beyond

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When we introduced the HP TouchPad on February 9, you could really feel the excitement. People everywhere wanted to know what the buzz was all about. Well, that day not only marked the introduction of the first webOS tablet – it marked the beginning of a new vision for webOS and an unprecedented opportunity for developers.

webOS 3.0 SDK available for Early Access

Today, we’re giving you the tools to start creating the future, as developers in our Early Access program can now access the webOS 3.0 SDK. It has everything you need to start developing apps for HP TouchPad and the next-generation of webOS devices:

  • Use Enyo, the new framework that supports new and future webOS form factors
  • Leverage core webOS features like Just Type, Synergy, Exhibition and more
  • Reference new UI components, layouts and application examples
  • Get helpful guidance on app structuring, design and navigation for TouchPad

If you’re not already a member of our Early Access program, email to join and get your hands on the webOS 3.0 SDK today.

Bringing your app to millions, from consumers to the enterprise

Developing for an innovative platform in webOS and an awesome new device like the TouchPad would already be significant on its own. But the story is much larger than that. That’s because HP is using webOS to create a seamless, secure and connected experience across a multitude of products from smartphones, tablets, PCs, printers and other products that serve millions, from consumers to the enterprise. Developing for webOS now puts you in a position to deliver innovative apps to potentially millions of devices every year.

Creating apps for the HP TouchPad is clearly just the beginning for this next chapter in webOS. The opportunity is incredible. And it’s yours for the taking.

New to webOS? Here’s how to get started:

1. Sign up for a Community or Developer Account. Log in to our forums at least once to activate your account.
2. Email to join our Early Access program.
3. Download the webOS 3.0 SDK in our private forums.
4. Get technical support  by emailing us at

If you have general questions about getting started or would like to speak with someone about using the webOS 3.0 SDK, just email us at

It’s your time – get the webOS 3.0 SDK and show us what you can do!

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  1. prenewbie says:

    I think you should have some promotions similar to what BlackBerry did for their PlayBook. That will definitely generate a lot of interest in developer community to create new apps for TouchPad as well as Pre 3.