Developing PDK Apps and Plug-ins

This section presents information for developers writing applications in C/C++ or a combination of C/C++ and JavaScript, using the webOS Plug-in Development Kit.

Article Description
New in webOS 3.0 In webOS 3.0, new APIs and capablilites for Plug-In Development Kit (PDK) apps.
PDK Overview PDK overview - introduction, core technologies used and prerequisites.
Plug-in Development Basics PDK basics - getting started, accessing the display, handling input, handling media, accessing the file system, accessing services, interrupt handling, memory management, accessing the network, linking, and exiting.
Building for the Device Compiling/linking for the device, and running on the device.
Creating an Application Package Using command-line tools to package and install your app, configuring the appinfo.json file, configuring app memory, and a complete build, package, and install example.
JavaScript and Plug-in Interface Building a combined JavaScript/Plug-in app.
PDK Tools PDK tools - uninstalling, pscp/scp, nova-browser and putty.
Using Eclipse as a Front-End to GDB Debugging on the Device Using the Eclipse IDE for debugging applications directly on the device.
PDK Technical FAQ Addresses known PDK technical issues and user questions.