Welcome to the webOS Developer Reference. This section documents webOS APIs and items of related interest.

  • Enyo App Framework APIs - Link to Enyo API reference you can open in a WebKit browser.

  • Mojo App Framework APIs - Mojo widgets, classes and namespaces.

  • PDK APIs - APIs for video, accessing services, plug-in communication, in-app payment and more.

  • webOS Application APIs - APIs for interacting with webOS applications, typically via the Application Manager service.

  • webOS Service APIs - APIs for interacting with embedded HP webOS services available on the public bus.

  • JavaScript Library APIs - Loadable JavaScript library APIs: Foundations, media capture and video.

  • webOS Data Types - Data types for contacts, calendar, activity manager, account manager, db8, in-app payment, and media indexer.

  • webOS Configuration Files - App, service and package configuration files: account_template.json, appinfo.json, framework_config.json, packageinfo.json, pluginname_appinfo.json, services.json, and sources.json.