webOS Service APIs

This section documents APIs for interacting with webOS services.

Developer options for accessing services:

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Service Description
Accelerometer Captures orientation events and accelerometer data.
Activity Manager Schedules and priotizes device activities - apps, services, tasks, network flows, etc.
Alarms Sets a timer to activate on the device either after a specified interval or at a specified date and time.
Application Manager Invokes default handlers or apps for common resource types and basic device operations.
Bluetooth Use the Bluetooth Serial Port Protocol (SPP) to access certain Bluetooth devices.
Connection Manager Gets connection status and subscribes to notifications of connection status changes.
db8 Interfaces to an embedded JSON database.
Display Manager Gets display status.
Download Manager Downloads or uploads a file.
Firewall Opens a port on the firewall.
GPS Provides basic location services for single or multiple location fixes.
In-App Payment Allows apps to embed a store directly in their app and process payments for digital content.
Key Manager Provides key management and cryptographic functionality.
Key Service Provides information about keypresses and other events on the device.
Media Permissions Grants read-only access to media files stored in db8.
Power Management Manages power on the device.
Print Manager Provides webOS printing services.
System Properties Retrieves named system properties.
System Services Enables apps to access various system settings
System Sounds Allows apps to play embedded system sounds.
Touch2Share Allows devices to share data at a tap.
Zeroconf Automatically discovers printers, computer services, and other local network device services.