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Developer Voices

Meet the Mobile Expressionists

Where technology meets imagination. Where the tech-savvy deliver information and entertainment to connected devices in inspired ways. It’s Mobile Expressionism – enabled by HP webOS.

Shane O'Sullivan


"When I saw webOS, it was very clear that if I could write a website, I could write a mobile app." 
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Chris Hewish


"webOS has given us a real opportunity to take all the creativity we put into films and put it into mobile apps."

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Giancarlo Mori

Glu Games

"What's interesting about webOS is that it really allows you to see faster what the final result is going to be."

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Rob and Dennis Bredow

Kaboom Apps

"Paratrooper started on webOS. It was great to have the community kick us off."

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Why webOS - In Their Own Words

10tons Ltd

"We didn't have to make sacrifices to the quality of the products and we were able to wrap up three games within a week of work."

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Hassey Enterprises

"It’s exciting to have more platforms like webOS come a long and give developers more opportunities to get into full-time gaming development."

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Sykhronics Entertainment

"I had Smiles running the same day I got my test phone working and it took less than four days to finish everything."

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EA Mobile

"We were able to use existing code, so it wasn’t nearly as challenging as the initial development to get the titles up and running quickly on the App Catalog."

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Pivotal Labs

"We were sold on the platform before we had even seen the Pre device because we saw the opportunity to deliver mobile software our way."

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"webOS is a great operating system and I enjoy showing off what it can do. As long as it's around, I'm sticking with it."

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Self Aware Games

"We found with webOS our iteration time was low, and that is huge in terms of developing a game."

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