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Galcon: 3 days; Cosmic Nitro: 1 day

Phil Hassey understands the challenges of porting apps. The creator of Galcon and Cosmic Nitro develops all of his games in SDL and Linux on his desktop and then ports them to mobile app platforms.

So when fellow developer, Mike Kasprzak, told Hassey how easy and straightforward it was for him to port his own game to the HP webOS platform using the PDK, Hassey was quick to give it a try.

He ported his popular multiplayer community game, Galcon, to webOS in about three days. A month later he launched Cosmic Nitro on the HP App Catalog, which took one day to port.

"I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it came together," says Hassey, founder of Hassey Enterprises, Inc. "The PDK matched the tools that I use. Once I got the phone up and running, it went quickly because it was just one or two things to tweak up and it started up pretty easily."

Hassey offers a detailed account of his port of Galcon to webOS in his blog – from opening the packaging and prepping his Pre Plus smartphone for development (day one), to the port (day two), to packaging the app to sell and sending it in for review (day three).

"What I liked about the PDK in particular, beyond the SDL, was that the library has simple C functions – like the call to open the web browser or get the device ID number," Hassey says. "All the obvious ones were there. The library gives developers access to the critical functions they need.

"It’s exciting to have more platforms like webOS come a long and give developers more opportunities to get into full-time gaming development."

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