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Open Source Developer Program

Open Source Developer Program

To encourage HP webOS platform application development by the open source community, HP offers a special app distribution program for open source developers.

Why are open source developers special?

When a developer, or set of developers, contributes code to the collective commons, society benefits. The open source community has developed every kind of software imaginable, from operating systems to games to databases, web browsers, applications, and much more.

At Palm, we participate in the open source community and recognize that we have deeply benefited from the movement. Many great open source projects—such as WebKit, Linux, and V8—are the pillars of the innovations we put in the webOS platform. So, thank you open source community.


To learn more about our open source work, visit opensource.palm.com, where you can see all the webOS code derived from previous projects.

How does the open source developer program work?

In recognition of the benefit this community brings to innovation, we wanted to offer a unique way for open source developers to distribute their applications with us. We've done that with the HP webOS Developer Program. Here's how it works:

When you enroll in the HP webOS Developer Program, you'll be given the option of identifying yourself as an open source developer. Note that all apps submitted under your open source developer account must be open source. If you want to create non-open source apps, you'll need to create another developer account and pay the regular fees (currently waived).

When you enroll, you'll be asked which open source community and license you use. You can use any of the commonly accepted licenses, including Apache, BSD, GPL, MIT, and so on.

Whether you choose to distribute your apps through the App catalog, as a beta, or over the web, you will be responsible for reviewing your own apps and any open source apps you distribute.

When you follow the app submission process, the system will recognize you as an open source developer. You'll be asked to follow the self-certification process for open source apps. This means that you certify that you have reviewed your app against the webOS User Interface Guidelines and the Application Content Criteria documents. After you submit your app, Palm will assign it a unique URL; you can then promote your app either through the on-device catalog or over the web. At this point, you'll be required to make the code for your app IPK available to the open source community using the commonly accepted open source license you have chosen.

Of course, the foundation of the open source community is trust, and in providing this option we are trusting you to abide by the principles of open source. We're also asking you to trust us to be as transparent and open as possible about our software and products, all our app distribution programs, and the criteria we expect you to use to assure the quality of your app. We hope you're as excited about joining our open source program as we are to offer it to you. We invite you to enroll today. And, as always, let us know what more we can do for you by sending a note to pdcsupport@hp.com.