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PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:31 pm 
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It's time for me to announce a change here at webOS Developer Relations. I have made a decision to leave HP. The 14th is my last day with HP.

This is a decision I've been pondering for a while. I've been in this role for almost three years and a couple of months ago I realized it was time to make a change. Back in October, I had a company come and recruit me and I decided it was an opportunity that I had to pursue. This has nothing to do with any of the announcements in the last couple of weeks. I think the decision to move webOS to an Open Source project is a great one and it's one I support fully and hope you will as well, but

I want to apologize for the short notice on this; with Meg's announcement coming last week, we made a decision to hold off until after before saying anything so we could properly plan the transitions. Ben will continue his work here in the forums. Sue will continue her yeoman work monitoring the PDC email account and helping out on all of your issues, and a couple of DevRel people you may have worked with will be stepping into my role for now and taking a more visible role here in the forum.

Fred, who's been our editor in chief of the portal and web site, will be taking over as "Mr. webOSDev" on twitter. Fred and Adam, who many of you have worked with in the app review process, have both volunteered to take on the community tasks that I've been doing, and will be working with you here in the forums. I have told Fred and Adam and all of the DevRel team that I'll be happy to answer questions or help them with issues, so they'll be able to consult with me on questions if they need it (so don't think you can tell them I said yes when I told you no, okay?)

This wasn't an easy decision. The DevRel team is the best group of people I've ever been honored to work with, and you, the developers, have been awesome and I'm proud to call many of you friends. I'm going to miss all of that, while I go off and try to build something similar for a new company in my new role.

I do hope we can keep in touch; I'll still be writing my blog and if we aren't connected by Linkedin, please consider it. It's been a great time here, and I'm going to miss everyone I've been involved with, but I'm also looking forward to what's coming next. Even if I'm on the sideline and not in the trenches, that's something I hope to find a way to support and make happen once my life settles down in the new year.

So this isn't good bye, it's just a transition. If things work out, I'll be back later, but as a developer, since I have this idea for a really great app... And until then, you're in good hands with a really good team here.

Tomorrow, I'll hand in my badge and head off into the sunset, camera in hand for some time off and some R&R. Before I go, I wanted to make sure I said thank you to all of you for making this an amazing three year journey, and thanks for being a group of people that really made this a fun and fascinating time.


HP Palm webOS Developer Community Manager

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