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Port Games & Develop in C/C++

Official Release:The HP webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) brings C/C++ development to webOS.

  • Port games quickly and easily to webOS
  • Create rich, immersive 3D graphics with OpenGL and SDL
  • Integrate C/C++ code into apps built with web technologies

Getting Started

Get the PDK up and running, and start putting your C/C++ skills to work now. Learn how to:

  • Download and install the PDK
  • Run the sample application
  • Start application development

Learn more

Plug-in Development Basics

Key details about coding applications with the PDK.

PDK Tools

Tools and utilities to help you develop your applications.

PDK Porting Stories

EA, Gameloft, and Glu Mobile used PDK to port their apps to webOS.

PDK Hot Apps Winners!

See who took home the awards in the PDK Hot Apps promotion.

Become a webOS Developer

  • Access the SDK and PDK
  • Easily manage, distribute apps
  • Early access to updates


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We have a special hotline for PDK developers!

PDK Videos

The latest PDK-related podcasts and videos.

PDK Program FAQ

Answers to common questions about the PDK program objectives.

PDK Technical FAQ

Check this FAQ for answers to technical questions related to the PDK.

PDK Reference

API reference documents for the PDK.

Creating an Application Package

Creating, installing, and running Plug-in application packages.

Combining JavaScript and PDK Apps

Using JavaScript and Plug-in apps together.

Building for the Device

Information about compiling, linking, and running Plug-in apps.