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Install the HP webOS SDK/PDK on Mac® OS X 


With this release of the SDK, the PDK is included as a part of the installation package. During installation, you will be given the opportunity to opt out of installing the PDK.


Documentation and sample code for webOS 2.1 is included in a separate download, shown below.


Save your data! Uninstalling the SDK and PDK will delete the directories in which they are installed. If you have project source code in those directories it will be deleted!

Your project source should not be stored in the SDK or PDK installation directories.

1. Install VirtualBox™ 

The webOS emulator is built on VirtualBox, virtual machine software that you can download free from Oracle®. VirtualBox is required before installing the HP webOS SDK. Note the that the emulator does not yet support VirtualBox 4.0. Use the link below to download version 3.2.

Download VirtualBox

2. Download the SDK/PDK disk image file and documents

3. Uninstall any existing SDK/PDK installations

  1. Open the Mac disk image file.
  2. Double click the uninstall-previous-sdk.command script.
  3. Answer “yes” when prompted.
  4. Enter your admin password when prompted.

4. Install the HP webOS SDK/PDK for Mac

  1. Ensure VirtualBox is not running before starting the webOS SDK Installer.
  2. Open the Mac disk image file if you haven't already.
  3. Double-click the webOS SDK Installer file and follow the instructions.
  4. During installation, you will be given the option to install the PDK as well. Note that this option is selected by default.
    • The webOS emulator becomes available in the Applications folder.
    • The webOS command-line tools become available from the Terminal.
  5. Unzip the documents and samples file to a convenient location. Documentation is in a subfolder called "docs", and sample code is in the "samples" subfolder.
  6. From the "docs" folder, open "docs.html" to browse the 2.1 SDK documentation.


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